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The #1 Action/Adventure series on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • The #1 app in over 40 countries including China, Australia, and Mexico
  • Reached as high as #2 on the US Top Paid App Overall
  • Reached as high as #2 on the US Top Free App Overall
  • Winner - Best Games of 2009 - TouchArcade ★★★★★
  • Winner - Top iPad Games of 2010 - Appolicious ★★★★★
  • Winner - Top 100 Games Award - iLounge  ★★★★★  
  • Nominated - Best iPhone Action Game in the Best App Ever Awards 2010
  • Nominated - Best iPad Action Game in the Best App Ever Awards 
  • One of the first mobile brands to sell its music on iTunes
  • One of the first mobile brands to get a comic publishing deal
  • One of the first mobile brands to ship licensed apparel worldwide
  • One of the first mobile brands with its own toy line

Coming SOON to the App Store and Google Play! Wil saves his ship from destruction in this epic sequel (prequel) to the Battle Bears saga.

"Delivers A Complete Multiplayer Experience!" -AppPicker

Stake your claim as the best Battle Bear in the world while ranking up in this eight-player third-person shooter. Choose from 6 different classes and a wide array of wacky weapons to dominate on multiple levels.

"BLAST is the perfect mobile arcade shooter, and truly redefines the genre." -AppleNApps

BLAST is a fun & addictive casual shooter perfect for everyone. Just slide one finger around to blast away hordes of HUGGABLES out to hug you to death.

"BATTLE BEARS -1 is a ride that's well worth taking." -TouchArcade

Join OLIVER, RIGGS and WIL as they defend their flagship Ursa Major from an onslaught of creatures hewn from the deepest, darkest corners of the cosmos' disturbed imagination.

"TOP 25 iPad Games! Featured in iTunes HOT NEW GAMES and NEW & NOTEWORTHY"

An action-packed top-down shooter with an awesome two player co-op mode for tons of FUN! Play as OLIVER or RIGGS as you blast away thousands of Huggables.

“The story for Battle Bears is hilarious, it’s one of the main reasons I kept on through the levels.” -TouchGen

BATTLE BEARS stars OLIVER, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines who must fight off unending waves of Pink Bears wishing to HUG HIM TO DEATH.